People Are Asked To Reveal Their Biggest Regret In Life, And They All Have One Thing In Common

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Sometimes people need a wake-up call to remind them that they only have one life. There is nothing worse than waking up one morning and realizing that you missed out on so many things you wanted to do, say or experience.

A chalkboard with an important question was set up in New York City, and stood there for a whole day, waiting for the right answer.

Many people stopped to look at the chalkboard, and pondered the question a bit. However, it took them some time to gather the courage to answer.

“I was afraid…afraid of, guess…failing maybe…?”

One by one, people were approaching, writing down all the unspoken words. And it was quite obvious that the task was difficult. Facing your regrets, your what-ifs and your doubts takes a lot of strength. These brave individuals who decided to step forward and open up to the world taught us something very important.

“I regret all the time I wasted, not saying YES to things.”

What they revealed was the fact that we usually regret the NOTs. And we say no to our dreams and fantasies on daily basis. We simply aren’t aware of it.

“Not saying I Love You”

We are obsessed with doing “the right” thing, with living by the book, that we constantly push aside who we really are. Stop for a moment and think: What are your desires? What do you like? Who do you love? What do you really enjoy doing?

“I did all the things that were, like, plan B… I just never did it.”

The good news is that it’s never too late to realize all that. Once given the eraser, people left the chalkboard completely clean. They made decision that in the future, there would be no more regrets.

Today can be the day when you erase all your regrets and start acting according to your desires. Today is a completely new day and every day is a clean slate. Fill every day with all those things that make you happy.

“It means there is possibility.”

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People Are Asked To Reveal Their Biggest Regret In Life, And They All Have One Thing In Common

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