I Felt Sorry For This Family Living In Abandoned Gas Station. Then Got Jealous Once I Looked Inside

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Creativity knows no limits and one of the examples is this unusual home of the artist Robert Guthrie.

When Guthrie first laid his eyes on an old gas station in beautiful French Quarter in New Orleans, he decided to make it his home. Gas station had not worked for many years, and had been turned into a jewelry and furniture-making studio.

Yet, this artist had waited patiently until the place was for sale. Although he bought the gas station before Katrina, he managed to restore it easily.

Guthrie and his son, who was a bit skeptic at the beginning, live in a home that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. With a little renovation, handmade pieces of furniture, some modern appliances and original car memorabilia, this gas station became a true home for a true artist.

This two-story loft still looks like an old gas station. It’s what is hidden inside that will sweep you off your feet. A modern living space with vintage details makes this home a true work of art.

It is Guthrie’s greatest work. Everything was so well planned and realized successfully. The kitchen is modern and highly functional, yet, the cabinet handles are actually car emblems. There is an amazing artwork that he made from the toy cars displayed on the second floor.

The bathroom is impressive with its headlight scones and old can holder, functioning as toilet paper holder. There is even an impressive rooftop with a really nice view.

Every detail in this unusual home gives an impression of an old gas station. However, it is a highly functional living space.

“As an artist, it’s my biggest art project, to be able to incorporate items of cars and gasoline and stuff like that,” said Guthrie.

Watch the whole story about how Robert Guthrie managed to turn an old gas station into an amazing modern loft in the video below.

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I Felt Sorry For This Family Living In Abandoned Gas Station. Then Got Jealous Once I Looked Inside

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