Architect Buys Abandoned Water Tower For $43,000, Transforms It Into Breathtaking Home For His Family

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You know that time when you are just a little boy or a girl, dreaming about the wanna-have house you want to live in? Most of us get close to the fantasies we have, some may never get there, but architect Patrick Mets sure went a long way to have his dream come true.

Patrick has always loved old industrial buildings, especially water towers. His dream as a little boy was to be able to get a water tower house one day and, years later, he managed to do it. What he did with his water house is nothing short of a miracle and a beautiful work of art.

With his partner Valérie Lecherf, Patrick spent a year traveling around Belgium, looking for a perfect water tower to turn into his own home for their future family. When they ran into an abandoned tower outside of Brussels, they knew the place was “the one” and started working on getting the hang of the tower.


Though the outside looked just fine, having been abandoned for 10-15 years meant that the inside needed some work. Patrick bought the tower for about $43,000, but that seemed to have been just a beginning of a struggle to get the place under construction. He had to battle for a long time with bureaucracy to get all the proper permits from the city.


Getting the proper permission took seven years and all the renovations additional five, but Patrick did not want to give up on his dream place.


The cost of the renovations boiled up to $2.1 million, but once it was finished in 2009, it even got a nickname: “Chateau d’eau,” meaning “water castle.”


Patrick decided to work with designer Mauro Brigham (NC & Bham) on creating a modern inside with water theme. They left the actual cement water tank completely intact, but decided to paint it black.

They painted all the old elements of the building Patrick wanted to preserve black. He wanted the building to remain as authentic as possible.


The original tank now serves as a semi-wall in parts of the home, and many guests were willing to leave notes as they passed by.


Unlike many other towers, this one even had windows, which is unusual for a water tower. However, these glass cut-ins allow for an amazing 360-degree view of the countryside.


If you only saw the living room, you’d never guess it belongs to a water tank.


This is one of the original fixture that Patrick left behind as a reminder to the Chateau’s first purpose:


The bathroom spreads out on the entire floor of the tower. Isn’t this great?


And imagine taking a bath with this view…


This massive rainforest shower is one of Patrick’s favorite designs.


After completing the renovations, Patrick and Valérie lived in the Chateau for about four years. Then they decided to move closer to their daughter’s school and now they rent out the tower for corporate events and other special occasions.

Check out this video for a full tour of the tower and enjoy!

Architect Buys Abandoned Water Tower For $43,000, Transforms It Into Breathtaking Home For His Family

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