This 2nd Grader’s Math Homework Is Stumping The Internet. Can You Figure Out The Solution?

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When I was still in kindergarten, I was so anxious to start getting some tasks for homework. Older kids had homework, and I wanted to be the older kid as soon as possible.

Needless to say, I wasn’t so happy and excited once I actually started getting homework assignments.

Fortunately, those are very easy in elementary school. I’m not sure what I would have done if my homework back then was extra-complicated and difficult to do.

However, times have apparently changed. Recently, one second-grader asked his mom Angie for help with an assignment he had no way of figuring out. It turned out that his mom was no match for the difficult task either, so she went on and asked for help online.

She posted the issue on the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Privately page on Facebook and hoped she would be able to get some help there. However, everyone there was just as puzzled by the task as Angie and her boy were.

Take a look at the math assignment below and take your shot at the correct answer!

Facebook / Angie Warner

Angie’s post didn’t take long to gather lots of comments after being posted on January 24, 2018.

The vast majority of the people who replied couldn’t get the right answer either!

Facebook / Angie Warner

Here’s what it was all about:

There are 49 dogs signed up to compete in the dog show. There are 36 more small dogs than large dogs signed up to compete.

How many small dogs are signed up to compete?

Pexels / Pixabay

Can you figure this one out?

A lot of people jumped the gun and thought the answer was 36, but that’s not true.

Flickr / Catherine

If you are completely baffled by this one, no worries – you’re definitely not alone.

Pexels / Startup Stock Photos

Grown-ups all over the place were completely flabbergasted by this second-grade math problem.

Pexels / Tookapic

So you may be wondering why the answer isn’t 36. The answer is in the text of the problem itself – there are 36 more small dogs than large dogs.

Thus, there can’t be 36 small dogs and 13 big ones, because 36 minus 13 is only 23, and there are supposed to be 36 more small dogs than large dogs, not just 23.

Flickr / anthony kelly

Angie and her boy decided to just give up on the assignment and go to the teacher for the correct answer.

Facebook / Angie Warner

However, it so happened that the regular teacher was on a leave, and the substitute one didn’t have the homework answers key!

Facebook / Angie Warner

After a couple of days, Angie was back on Facebook with an update for everyone in the group – not even the teacher could figure out the answer!

Eventually, after five days, the school district put an end to all the theories. Take a look at the solution below!

Wikimedia / M Glasgow

The correct answer is that there are 6.5 large dogs and 42.5 small dogs.

Flickr / beau-foto

Apparently, this silly math problem assumes that half-dogs exist as well.

Pexels / Pixabay

Here’s the way to the correct result. You’re after the X, presuming that large dogs are X and small ones are Y.

49 = x+y and y = x+36

After combining the two equations you get to:

49 = x + x+36
49 = 2x + 36
13 = 2x
x = 6.5
y = 42.5

Public Domain Pictures / George Hodan

So there it is. Were you able to solve it on your own? Or were you just as puzzled as we were?

Flickr / Chee Meng Au Yong

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family and see who’s the ultimate math mind among your loved ones!

This 2nd Grader’s Math Homework Is Stumping The Internet. Can You Figure Out The Solution?

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